Condominium Pet Policies – Making Sure Your Pet Is Allowed

Most of us love our pets as much as we love our children. We would never dream of giving our children up. So why should we be forced to give up our pets. Yet many pet owners are “forced” to give up their pets because they found a seemingly wonderful condominium complex to move into; but they DID NOT READ the rules governing pets. They found themselves unaware that the complex either had restrictions on pet ownership or forbid pets altogether. This type of scenario can be avoided if people just read the relevant documentation governing pet ownership for their prospective condo complex first. They do not HAVE TO choose a complex that restricts pet ownership.

Some condo complexes are very strict when it comes to pet policies. Some allow only small pets. Some restrict the breeds you can own there. Some limit the number of pets you can have. While some complexes; as we already mentioned, do not allow ANY pets of ANY kind AT ALL. The best way to avoid this happening is to ask the condo complex manager about pet ownership in the first place. Do they allow pets? Are there any restrictions on pets? If they do not allow your pets, MOVE ON to a different complex. Sure this one may look wonderful. But what is more important; living in that exact complex, or your furry babies? You DO NOT have to select a complex that does not allow your pets.

If you want to move into a beautiful condo complex and you have pets, take some time to scout around first. There are many wonderful complexes that will allow them. They might have restrictions on how many pets you can own, but that is actually reasonable. At least they allow them. If you have a lot of pets, a condominium complex is not the right place for you to live anyhow. In that case you should have a yard for them to run around in. But do look around first. Ask pet-related questions of each condo complex’s management. Find out ahead of time if they will allow pets. If you are happy with having one or two small pets, then a complex with moderately strict rules may be appropriate for you. In that case you would not be required to choose between luxury and your pet. In either case, do search for just the right complex for you and your babies. Do not just blindly move into one.

Even once you think you have found the perfect condo complex to move into with your pets, read the lease agreement thoroughly before you sign it. Complex managers are human, humans can make mistakes. It is highly possible she was mistaken about their pet policies. If so, it will be spelled out in the pet section of your lease agreement. Make sure you do your homework before moving in. Otherwise you could find yourself having to give up your best friend.