Hold Your High Rises!

I received a call the other day from a high rise condo investor who posed an interesting question: “I’m not sure whether I should just sell my unit or get out of my contract completely. What do you think makes most sense?”

Perhaps it’s a good time to reiterate my thoughts to the masses on high rise condo hotel investing in Las Vegas. In my opinion, investors should not be thinking “flip” when they make the decision to purchase a high rise condo unit. There are very few projects in town right now that the “buy and flip at closing” strategy makes sense. For starters, the Las Vegas high rise marketplace is so new, there are no historical guidelines to go by to determine what high rises will sell for in the short-term. That being said, for the investor who makes a decision to purchase and hold for a few years, high rise investing in Las Vegas could prove to be quite lucrative.

Remember that just about every high rise project in town will require you to close. Assigning your unit before closing probably won’t happen (unless you cut a personal deal with the developer). Getting back to the original question, the purchaser’s contract went hard (meaning they signed a contract and put down the required down payment) hoping to see the reconstruction real estate appreciate in the short term to flip at contract time. Well, that’s probably not going to happen – but as I maintained, closing on the deal and holding the unit for 2 to 3 years would probably result in a very happy outcome.

Think long term in a quality project to see results. Right now, I can’t stress enough the potential of city center and Juhl. For you heavy hitters out there, go city center… for the smaller investor, get into Juhl. If you can hold onto your purchase for 2 years or more and I’m right, you won’t need me to tell you what makes the most sense.

4 Characteristics of Excellent Condo Rentals

Because of the increasing costs and standard of living, condo rentals in are becoming more and more popular each day. Long before, tourists were the ones who simply preferred condo units for their holiday and vacation purposes. With condos, they would have the opportunity to have a safe place to stay each time they would come and stay at a particular time and place. However, things have significantly changed because of people renting condos, considering them as their place of residency. Simply, renting condos is a lifestyle. Many people these days are quite busy with their own schedules; living in apartments has become least on their list because everything needs to be taken care of in there.

Now, if you are thinking of renting a condo, the following guidelines can be of great help.

1. Complete Furnishings

Condo rentals are an advantage for many people because, unlike apartments, many of the noteworthy things are under the management’s concerns, such as safety and steady electric supply. Most of the time, condo units, which are for rent, are complete with furnishings. Picking such a kind of unit will surely give you complete savings in terms of money, time, and effort. This is especially true when you do not need to deal with the different hassles of transporting and moving in the belongings. Here, you will no longer have to scrape off money from your wallet to furnish your new living place. Thus, it really pays to examine condo rentals whether they are complete with the furnishings or not.

2. 24/7 Maintenance Management

Always remember that privately owned buildings like condo rentals usually have maintenance department as one of the most common problems. It is particularly useful on your part to determine the existing system imposed in a particular condo building. Ideally, you need to know whom you need to call in times of emergency or problems. Having someone to immediately assist your needs is certainly a benefit of condos for rent.

3. Excellent Amenities

Another critical factor you need to look for in condo rentals is the amenities they offer. Amenities are significant because they help you save money and time in the process. It is extremely beneficial to ask such things to an agent in order for him or her to display a list of the best condo units that have complete and excellent amenities. For an instance, if you need to pay your bills, there is then no need to get out of the building anymore because the condo management itself will do all the processing and services for your advantage and convenience. Hence, these amenities will serve as excellent comforts

4. High-end Security

In choosing condo rentals, your security must not be taken for granted. Places with security guards or high-end security systems would allow you perfect ease and comfort while staying in your unit or within the condo. Remember, there are many people who live in the condo and many can get inside. Safety! Safety! Safety!

San Diego’s Quiet Zone Impact on Condo Values

A little history, in years past as all trains approached a rail road crossing they were required to sound their horns 3 times before entering the crossing (going over the street). As you may know a lot of these crossings very close to each other resulting in the train horns being sounded repeatedly as they went though the neighborhoods of Little Italy, Columbia, Marina and the Gaslamp Quarter all of which have lots of condo building adjacent to the train tracks.

After a 10 year process of getting the Quiet Zone approved, it’s finally here, a year past the deadline, but finally in effect. This Quiet Zone project cost about $20 million dollars and to the casual observer not much has changed to the intersections. Most of the changes to what cars can and can not do at these crossings, such as no more right turns on red, those kind of things. To the pedestrian, they made it a little harder to jay-walk around the intersections with new railings etc and most noticeably on Broadway they have an arm that comes down when the train is approaching preventing you from walking over the tracks.

The train horns are very loud and can be heard all the way up in Balboa Park and across the bay on Coronado. If one could narrow the train noise complaint down to one item, it is the sound of the horn from the freight train that comes through at 3:00 am everyday. Some condo owners in the Marina and Columbia neighborhoods have moved out because they could not tolerate the train horns in the middle of the night. For many the train noise was just something you get used to and hope the Quiet Zone got approved soon. Some condo shoppers passed up some of the best condo buildings in downtown because they were too close to the train tracks. Now that the train noise is no longer an issue will more buyers buy in condo buildings along the tracks and will more owners stay put?

Here are my predictions for the condo building in downtown San Diego that will see the biggest boost in values from the elimination of the train horns. Bayside condos, Grande Condos, Electra Condos, Park Place condos, Watermark condos, Cityfront Terrace condos, Harbor Club condos and the Pinnacle condos. These are the closest condos to the train tracks which also happens to be the closest condos to the San Diego bay & waterfront, which is where most condos buyers want to be.

Oh, We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside – and that is a matter of fact. There have been a large number of scientific and psychological studies that have deduced that human beings are naturally drawn to the ocean. Human beings that live beside the sea are generally much happier than those that live inland; particularly those in big cities.

We are a complicated bunch but there are a few simple things that we can do in order to drastically improve our mental and physical health; the most important of which is reconnecting with the natural environment from whence we came.

There is absolutely no denying that the fresh sea breeze in your lungs and the warm, golden sand between your toes is one of the most soothing and naturally calming feelings in the world. There is something about gently stroking through the fresh, glassy ocean waves while the sun beats down above you that will render you feeling invigorated! Why do you think so many companies use the ocean for their advertising campaigns? Particularly beer! It’s because the seaside is easily associated with joy, rejuvenation and relaxation.

Why living in a Marina Complex is a most healthy and paradisiacal way of life

With that in mind it’s no wonder why more and more people have taking to living in sea-view condos in boat marina complexes. It offers a certain quality of living that city-life simply cannot provide you with: peace and calm. Every morning most people wake up to the sound of busy streets, honking horns and people bustling around whereas the coastal folk are greeted by the soothing sound of the ocean – there is even a strange yet certain allure to the seagulls song. (In small doses of course)

So are you in need of a change of pace? Well it’s not impossible! Do what is best for you and find yourself a small measure of paradise next to the ocean. Whether you are retiring or simply looking to relocate away from the hustle and bustle there are plenty of places for you to escape to. Many people presume that those who choose to live in sea-view condos by a yachting marina must be avid boaters themselves; however you’d be surprised, you don’t have to own a yacht to be able to completely enjoy the benefits of living in a marina complex. (Though it certainly helps)

A walk on the quiet side

So what is it actually like living in a marina complex? Well its simple really, all you need to do is picture an environment far removed from the chaos, in a picturesque, peaceful and serene environment. You step out onto your balcony and look out to the horizon, watching as the sun rises into the morning sky. Witness the solar giant as she paints a golden pathway atop the ocean’s surface before you. Listen as the yachts bob around in the bay while the wind lightly flows through the flags and sails that flap softly in the ocean breeze. Good morning!

Take a stroll along the marina and stop in for breakfast in one of the stunning local restaurants. There is certainly no shortage of things to do in a marina complex and while the local supermarket will provide you with the vast majority of your necessary provisions you can always head into town if needs be. The whole purpose of living in a marina complex however is having the freedom of being able to do as little as you like!

Pack your bags and sail away to Phuket, Thailand

It is no secret that Thailand is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world! The Andaman Ocean is a beautiful body of water that hosts a number of gorgeous marina complexes; particularly those in Krabi or Phuket. If you’re a keen traveller and you’re looking to see some truly beautiful locations then you can always dock for a little while and spend some time exploring the local regions.

The common saying: ‘You only live once’ may well get overused but never a truer thing has ever been said. So if you’ve always dreamed of moving away to paradise and finding a slither of joy beside the sea then now is the time to act! Again, there is no shortage of incredible destinations for you to choose from, all you need to do is take a risk, pack your things and escape!

How to Choose Amenities for Your New Build Luxury Condo

Investing in new luxury condos for sale can be a great way to not only find a dream home in a great location, but also make some significant savings as property developers are usually ready to give you a significant discount on your purchase. You can also often choose from a variety of different amenities and finishes to make your condo truly to your tastes.

With that said, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing amenities for your new apartment, especially if the property developer has a wide array of options to choose from. Here are some of the amenities that you should consider when deciding on the final features to be integrated into your new home.

First of all, consider the textures that the interior of the property will have. Many property developers of new luxury condos for sale will have a range of premium textures for floors, walls, ceilings and more, allowing you to select something that is truly to your taste.

Usually, the developer in question will have a model home where all the finishes and textures are on full display and you can see how they would look when placed in your property. Make sure to speak with the developer at length about your options and see them ‘in real life’ before making a final decision on your selection.

Although the developers may have set range of flooring, tiling and wall customization options, they are often able to take custom requests from purchasers that have very specific demands. If you want a particular color flooring for your new home, make sure that you check with the property developer than this can be fitted before you go through with the sale.

Another aspect to your new home that you will want to customize is the floor plan and layout of the apartment you are thinking of buying. This can be especially interesting as some floor plans can create a flowing feel throughout a property and allow light to infiltrate the residence; take a detailed look at your options with these elements in mind.

If necessary, hire the help of an interior designer who will be able to offer you their perspective on the floor plans available to you and advise you on the best option for your particular needs. Any expense incurred here will be well worth it to know that you will be getting an apartment that is well-proportioned, aesthetically-pleasing and meets all of your functional needs.

You will also need to consider whether other essential facilities will be integrated into the building of new luxury condos for sale. These include efficient internet connectivity, secure parking facilities and even gated security if that is a concern for you.

Some of the best developers of new luxury condos for sale will offer real luxuries like heated parking areas for warmth and comfort even in the winter, landscaped gardens and beautiful communal areas. In all cases, check what else is included in the property apart from the luxury finishes and designer floor plan of your potential future home.

Deciding to invest in a brand new property such as a luxury condo can be a daunting process and a lot of hard work, but if you do find a reputable property developer they are sure to make the whole procedure much easier for you and as stress free as possible.

As a buyer you should be able to decide on all the finishes that you want in your home, as well as on the floor plan that suits you both aesthetically and functionally. In addition to this, check to make sure that all other amenities that are essential for you – such as parking or a secure gated entrance – are included in the deal before you decide to buy.